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What are some good colors of eyeshadow to make blue eyes stand out?

Pinks and light purple.What are some good colors of eyeshadow to make blue eyes stand out?
I use pink and green to make my blue eyes stand out. If you wear glasses it helps a lot to get contacts. My mom has green eyes and she uses blue shadow and liner, and her eyes stand out amazingly!!What are some good colors of eyeshadow to make blue eyes stand out?
grays and pinks
grey and green
Golden, its like yellow but looks more elegant. You could also use brown but gold is better.
For blue eyes, sandy golds, shimmery browns, and matte medium browns look really good. If you want your eyes to REALLY stand out, a lot of companies have produced eye makeup specifically for certain eye colors to make them pop, you can probably find them at Target.
grey and gold
Different pinks and greens
Almay has a line of makeup just for Blue Eyes. They also have one for Hazels, Browns, Greens, etc. For the blues they have eyeshadow, liner, mascara. It works great to make the color pop.
Maroon and rust
I know that Silver, Blue,Pink, Rose, Purple, Green is nice colors that suites blue eyes if you use them the right way.

My best advice is that you could try diffrent colors and how to have it on your eyes. You will learn yourself and that is a good thing.

Try it, and Good Luck!
I have blues eyes with fair skin... This is what I use to make mine stand out. Pinks/Cranberry, Browns, Coppers, Purples, Dark Blue, Gray. I can't wear green, but if its blue based I can.
RED. It really, really makes blue eyes look blue!
Violet's %26amp; Purples
A bronzy brown will make them really syand out

Can bronze powder be used as eyeshadow too?

or would it look weird?Can bronze powder be used as eyeshadow too?
it doesn't look bad. i do it all the time.

it just depends on what color bronzer you use and what color skin tone you have.

if you're fair, don't use anything too dark.

if you're dark, don't use anything too light.

if you're in the middle you can pretty use any color and look fine.Can bronze powder be used as eyeshadow too?
Yes! Believe it or not, but its made out of the same stuff as eyeshadow. Don't be afraid to do it, i'm sure we've all had our moments.
Yes I think it would look good if you did it lighly and maybe blended some other light browns with it.
Yess :)
yes. lightly with a blush brush.

Has anyone used Revlon Color Stay Eyeshadow? Does the cream Wet and Wild One stay on longer?

ColorStay eyeshadows are great, especially the new mineral ones - love them. Never use the cream W n W one sorry.Has anyone used Revlon Color Stay Eyeshadow? Does the cream Wet and Wild One stay on longer?
I don't think the cream ones stay longer becasue it doesn't ever really dry. I really like the Color Stay products. I always use their eyeliner too b/c its waterproof.Has anyone used Revlon Color Stay Eyeshadow? Does the cream Wet and Wild One stay on longer?
Powder eyeshadows work better and last longer. Creme ones tend to crese laster.
  • pink hair
  • How do you do the 2 eyeshadow look in an easier way?

    i have watched videos on them but they make it so complicated any help?How do you do the 2 eyeshadow look in an easier way?
    put the lighter shade all over your lid.

    then, take the darker shade a put it in your crease and/or outer corner.

    Eyeshadow colors for my eye color?

    Hi. I have light brown hair and dark blue-green eyes (more DK blue than green) and have slightly tanned skin. What color eye shadow and lipstick should I wear that matches my eyes, skin tone, and hair color?Eyeshadow colors for my eye color?
    I have blue eyes and I wear Almay eyeshadow that is for blue eyes. They have the two different favorite is one that has a copper color for the lid, chocolate brown for the crease, and shiny tan for the brow bone. It really makes your eyes pop. I am really pale so I am not good with colors for lipstick, but I know that your eyes would look amazing with this eyeshadow. I get compliments on it all the time.Eyeshadow colors for my eye color?
    For eye shadow, light purples and greens will probably work well for you. If you are just getting started with make-up and playing with colors, you may wants to check out Almay's products. They have some color compacts designed especially to go with certain eye colors.
    if you want to play up your eye color then go for a blue eyeshadow but if you want it to look more natural go for a brownish eyeshadow.
    green, shiny, kind of light! or dark blue!
    pupless .. %26amp; blue .. %26amp; green
    purples. tan lipstick
    greens and gold/browns. like bronze all over the lid and the bottom lash line. (:
    yupp greens %26amp;%26amp; purples

    maybe blues...
    pink or brown
    pinks and purples (:
    greens and purples
    greens and pinks

    Is the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette good?

    I think I'm definately going to buy both, the shimmer and the matte ones.

    Are most of the colours like dupes of MAC eyeshadows?

    I read somewhere that the powder doesnt stay on your eye and just goes all over your face but otherwise all reviews are good.

    Is there anywherre I can get them cheaper, cos I live in the UK and shipping is so expensive... thank you xIs the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette good?
    Yeah they base all their eyeshadows off the MAC eyeshadows. I love it and I use it everyday. If I use a color alot then I just get the closest color from MAC. That way I buy eyeshadows that I know I'll use. Yeah the only ptoblem I have with it, is especially if your doing double colors like a dark shade on the edge of your eye, the eyeshadow gets on the side of your face. But put tape there and you can not only get a perfect line but also you can easily get the access eyeshadow off. Oh and the whole their made in china thing, yeah I think what people dont realize is the majority of your products are made in china. This is just the tip of the ice berg, also coastal scents doesnt hide the fact that it is actually not their product just a distributor. As long as your not planning on eating the eyeshadows, I think your safe from getting sick.Is the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette good?
    I know this isn't an answer, but enquiring minds wanna know.

    I've heard good things about this brand, but can it really be that decent being that cheap?

    are the ingredients any good/bad for eyes/skin?

    would mineral eye makeup be a better idea?

    No it is crap! Their stuff is made in China and imported. You could probably find another company there that sells the same thing because China will sell anything to anyone that can buy in large quantities. I would RUN from this and any makeup made in China!
    It's amazing!

    I have the shimmer one and it's really pigmented!

    You're going to want a primer under it. I suggest Urban Decay Primer Potion.

    You can usually get it cheaper on Ebay because they're shipped directly from China.

    : )
    they're really good! i have the smaller versions!
    First as a professional makeup artist for over 20 years it is cheap crap made in China not worth the pennies truly. Secondly they are getting tons of horrible comments see some of these I found from upset youtubers and gurus:


    I found hundreds of horrible reviews on MSN beauty boards and yahoo about coastal scents having horrible customer service and selling their mail order list they violate their privacy agreement all the time and so much more. Also any cosmetics MADE IN CHINA are very bad for your health they are high in lead content and cause high cases of cancer. I would NOT BUY THIS BRAND AT ALL!!!!!




    Coastal Scents doesn't make these. They don't even make their palettes. They get them from a seller in Hong Kong and resell them for a lot more.That's why you can find them a LOT cheaper on ebay.Besides, Coastal Scents has a very bad rep with some of their customers, like EricaLeigh777 and MakeupSquare. They were really rude to them, and that's why I'll never purchase from them.Pinkiecharm also won't purchase because they violated their privacy contract with one of her friends.


    I don't care how cheap knowing they are made in CHINA I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. Make from china is known to have high lead and very bad for your health so NO THANKS!


    Everyone is raving about their products and how they're so cheap and pigmented.

    However, no one realizes that these products are made in China, contain a high amount of lead, and the people behind this company are downright rude.

    Those people are just taking their customers' hard earned money.

    It's one thing if they overcharge the public for a quality product, but for one that poses a huge health risk?

    It's honestly disgusting.


    And that is the tip of the iceburg its really bad I would not touch this brand AT ALL!

    What are the best MAC eyeshadow and lip colors for people with a yellow/orange undertone?

    For lips:

    lipstick in : Deep Love,Brick-o-la, and Twig

    Tinted lipglass in: Entice, and twig

    For eyes:Eyesadow in smut(use as a liner) and Bold%26amp; brazen
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