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Whats the best color eyeshadow for light blue eyes and a light skin tone?

blue or brownWhats the best color eyeshadow for light blue eyes and a light skin tone?
Browns, Taupes, and Coppers work wonders to bring out light blue eyes. Take these pics for instance:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

the brown shades really make the blue pop due to the contrast.

If however, you were to apply blue eyeshadow instead, your blue eyes would end up competing for attention with the blue shadow and end up getting lost in the makeup - your blue eyes would simply ';blend in'; with the blue makeup and therefore, would not be enhanced. Check out these pics for example:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

*As you can tell, Cameron Diaz from before with brown eye shadow, looked much more better than her with the blue eyeshadow.

*So that being said, I suggest you choose earthy warm colors to enhance your eyes. Plus, they are neutral enough that they will flatter your light skintone as well.

*Just apply a dark brown eyeliner to your top lashline to give your eyes definition, a taupe shadow to your crease to contour the eye structure, and a coppery brown shadow to your lid to highlight. Finish off the look with a lengthening mascara,Whats the best color eyeshadow for light blue eyes and a light skin tone?
brown colors will make ur eyes stand out
light brown or blue. If you go to the grocery store or walmart or something there is eyeshadow by almay that has palettes for different color eyes. They have bring out the blues, bring out the greens, etc.
light brown or pink
Light browns and taupes will bring out the blue in your eyes without being to harsh with fair skin.
If they are light, LIGHT blue, greys, and I think that any neutral color works for anyone.
Try a white, cream or brown color on your eyelids. Or even you could go to Khols and try some for free to find one that looks good on you!
as a fellow light skinned blue eyed girl let me give you some info,

gold and green really make your eye color pop, estee lauder has a gold eye shadow duo that looks great, and i like lancome's greens, use brown eyeliner and mascara, not black, clinique makes a really pretty brown shadow that looks good on my eyes, i'm pretty sure its called copper penny, lilac is pretty too, i know how hard it is to want to wear pretty colorful make up and not want to come out looking like a clown because your so pale!
BROWN is the key. but mix it with blue but please dont overdo the blue cause then you look like a kuku bird or something. Almay has a special eyeshadow set and the back even shows how to apply... its a must have! and that will basically do wonders for you and even has the brown eyeliner that is helpful
something that makes ur eyes pop. definately use mascara and eyeliner. medium and dark blues and greens should work 4 u ! but use a taupe for ur brow bone and blend into the crease so it dosnt look harsh hope i helped!
light browns, light blues, tans, light greens.....NOT pink or purple or black
I agree with mommy and dee. I like the newer eyeshadow compacts by almay, they have 2 for blue eyes, one for more daytime, one for more dramatic. I am pale in the cooler months and the shades look good when I am pale or tan! Best wishes!
Personally I wold layer it starting with a very very light pink coverin your whole eye and then pick out a light purple and a medium blue. put the purple up to the crease of your eye and the blue to the sides like u no the outer corner of your eye and use a black or blue eyeliner. and if your hair is lighter use a brown mascara instead of black.
Ligth brown or a grey.
u could try browns...

in shades slightly darker than your skin tone.

even blue would accentuate your eyes very well...

get a eye shadow in a shimmery silver blue...

soft pink with a dark brown or blue eye liner pencil too would look great....

try out different looks for different outfits....

spray a soft pink over your cheeks to get a near natural blush/ glow....

Check out Almays website. I know they have eye makeup that's specified for eye color. I have brown eyes, so my shades are a nice mix of browns/pinks/purples.

Check it out, it's nice because it's like a ';kit'; and you don't have to fumble around with the wrong colors. =)

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