Thursday, December 3, 2009

How can you take off glitter eyeshadow completely?

okay. i just got this new eyeshadow from sephora. it has tons of glitter in it. i love it but the problem is, when i take it off with eye makeup remover, it doesnt come completely off, and irritates my eyes at night because some pieces of tiny glitter is still on my eyes. does anyone know how i can take it completely off so it wont do that? thanks.

and please dont say dont use it. because i know thats not gonna happen :]How can you take off glitter eyeshadow completely?
First of all, NEVER put alcohol on your eye! That is very dangerous....

Try using an oil based makeup remover before washing your face, using a cotton ball and wiping upward to pull the glitter away from the eye. Then, when you use your cleanser, gently wash your eye area to help remove the rest of the glitter.

The next best thing would to get some old fashioned cold cream to use. That would help pick up the glitter. Again, I would wash gently after with cleanser (provided your cleanser doesn't have any acids or mentholates in it). If you do use a cleanser with mentholates or acids then you should get a gentile cleanser just for the eyes, such as Cetaphil or Neutrogina face wash.How can you take off glitter eyeshadow completely?
use baby oil on a cotton swab then wash face, it will come off easy without scrubbing your face off.
you need to get an eye shadow remover that specializes in taking eye shadow off. there are some in sephora and in mac.
Use hypo-allergenic waterproof eye makeup remover with either large cotton balls or large eyelid pads.
I went to make-up artistry school specializing in fashion and photographic make-up. The best way to remove glitter from the eye without irritating it is cold creme. They sell this at MAC as well. You want to start by dabbing it off. DO NOT RUB until you get the majority off from dabbing.
alright don't put alcohol on your eyes, ever.

there is a really good product MAC makes that is designed to take off eye makeup.鈥?/a>
Don't put that much on because if it's flaking off like that your wearing too much.

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